USPS Tracking Not Updating? Here's Why

USPS tracking not updating for your package? In this article, we'll go over the different ways you can reset your tracking notifications. See below for details.

Do you find yourself being overwhelmed by the many tracking statuses provided by the USPS? You're not alone. The tracking information for my USPS shipment is not being updated while it is in transit; what may have gone wrong?

Possible causes for USPS tracking not updating

When a postal worker scans the box, when it arrives at a new facility, or when it is loaded onto a truck, the tracking information is updated. Consequently, why is the USPS shipment tracking not updating?

It may take up to 24 hours for the tracking system to update the ticket number with the updated information after scanning a package.

1. Bad weather can interfere with USPS tracking

2. Not scanned and not updated

3. Misplaced package someplace

4. The carrier has postponed the release of an update.

5. Your package has been dispatched without an update to its delivery status.

Why doesn't my USPS package move?


During the holidays, USPS facilities are normally operating at full capacity and may face congestion, which may prevent shipment tracking updates.

It is possible that a "pre-stored" piece of mail is blocking your mail from being updated, scanned, and delivered to you. If your package has not yet been delivered, it will likely begin moving again soon.

When will I receive a tracking update from USPS?

Typically, the USPS updates your status within 24 to 48 hours. When monitoring a package, you should have the tracking number available. To determine how frequently USPS tracking information is updated, let's examine how USPS shipment tracking works.

Each shipment is provided with a tracking number by USPS. The tracking number may be found on the USPS shipping label and is updated with every scan. Tracking informs the recipient of the shipment's status.

While USPS shipment tracking is updated each time your product reaches a new facility or is put onto a truck, it is not possible to trace the box in real-time as you can with other carriers. The package will make more stops and be updated more frequently if it is transported over a greater distance. If the package is originating from a nearby area, it may only be updated once or twice prior to delivery.

USPS tracking not updating: concluding remarks

Are you concerned that USPS tracking information is not being updated? USPS is typically excellent in providing tracking updates. Tracking updates may not be real-time, but they are rarely late or inaccurate, and there is typically no cause for alarm. If tracking is not updated, ensure that the identical tracking number was entered. Each cargo is assigned a tracking number by USPS, therefore you must use the exact number. If the issue remains, there may be an issue with the carrier.

Lost Mail Research Occasionally, tracking scans will be updated in response to a request, but it is always preferable to contact your local post office for an update. If tracking scans are unavailable, the greatest source of information is your local post office. If you are concerned about the delivery status of your package, you should visit the site and inquire about its tracking capabilities.